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Permanent Makeup

Renee specializes in these following procedures. Don't wait until tomorrow! Contact Renee today to find out how she can enhance your life!

We specialize in the following Permanent Makeup procedures:

* Permanent Eyebrows

* Eyebrow Microblading

* Permanent Eyeliner

* Permanent Mucosal Eyeliner

* Permanent Smudge Eyeliner

* Permanent Eyeshadow

* Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

* Permanent Full Lip Color

* Permanent Lip Liner

* Permanent Beauty Marks

* Permanent Areola Pigmentation

* Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

* Hairline Enhancement / Scalp Pigmentation
(to hide bald spots)

* Body Art Tattoos

* Scar Relaxation / Skin Needling

* Scar Camouflage

* Stretch Mark Camouflage

* Permanent Makeup and Body Art Training

We also specialize in the following Permanent Makeup Corrective procedures:

* Reshape permanent eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips.

* Recolor Blue or Purple Lips

* Recolor Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Green or Gray Eyebrows and Eyeliners.

Special custom procedures are available upon request. Because Renee incorporates much of her watercolor and oil painting techniques into her permanent makeup, anything imaginable is possible!

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With over 90% of our work now correcting botched microbladed eyebrows and other permanent makeup, we want to ensure that people understand the dangers of selecting technicians who sound too good to be true with rave reviews and still end up with botched results.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color implanted with this method fades the fastest compared to traditional Hairline Brows, Ombre Brows, or Shaded Brows; and more frequent touch-ups are needed to maintain optimal results.  Here are a few helpful tips in selecting qualifying technicians.

* Check the technician's portfolio. Look for photos of the client that includes all phases. Especially for microblading, this technique is the easiest to learn and also looks the best immediately after but may not retain colors well after it heals.  Check to see if the technician's portfolio has a before, immediately after, and a healed photo of the client. With microblading, an "immediately after" photo will look nice and has crisp lines with a light halo around the brows. Microblading looks great immediately after but the HEALED result photo is necessary to show if the technician was able to implant color properly so the strokes are still there after it's healed. Paying $500 -$1500 for brows that only last a few weeks is not economical.

* Reviews: watch out for extremely positive or extremely negative reviews (does this technician have too many positive reviews or too many negative reviews?). The internet is bombarded with fake reviews either from competitors, or reviews that could be purchased by paying companies such as Yelp. If a technician pays Yelp to promote her business, her negatives reviews will be filtered out and this business will show up as 5 stars. Any complaints or negative reviews will not show up.   And vice versa, if a company does not pay Yelp to sponsor their business, only negative reviews will show up giving a false impression that this business is doing poorly. The negative reviews could either be from competitors or just Yelp victimizing companies who do not pay for sponsorship. Yes, we are a victim.

* Is the company listed with the Better Business Bureau? This is extremely important because a good business will be listed and legitimately rated by the BBB. How long has the company been listed and what is the rating of that company?  The ratings and reviews are legitimate and cannot be bought. We have been in business for over 20 years and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

* The technician's place of employment is state certified and registered with the health department.

* Microblading is still a form of tattoo and must be done under sterile conditions and follow state laws and regulations. If health codes are not followed, the client is at risk of transmittable diseases and bloodborne pathogens.

Below are the pros and cons of each technique of permanent cosmetic eyebrows:



* Natural looking

* Techniques can be learned quickly in days

* Simple tools for the technician

* Widely available

* Looks good initially


* Does not last long, only a few months

* Easily botched

* Too many inexperienced technician

* Pigment is not implanted into skin but cuts are made and pigment deposited

* May scar if procedures are repeatedly done

* Unskilled technicians can cause scarring

* Fades quickly and can change colors

* Becoming more of a fad and often stencils or stamp pads are used to design brows giving people the cookie cutter big brows look

Hairline Strokes


* Soft and natural looking. Looks like real hair.

* Very realistic and almost impossible to tell that it is permanent makeup and not real hair (technician must be highly skilled  with the coil machine, have a steady hand, and be a good artist)

* Last for many years (3-5 years)

* Heals quickly and no trauma

* Looks good immediately after, heals well, and keeps color true

* Brows can be updated as beauty trends change or your face sags with age without the worries of weird purple, green, or red colors from faded brow shapes done with the Shaded style.

* It is what "Microblading" wants to be but can't achieve without the years of experiences.


* Not widely available due to high learning curve

* Technician's must have at least 5 years or more of using a coil machine to master the "Hairline Strokes" technique

* Unskilled technicians can cause scarring and can be easily botched

Shaded Brows


* Very long lasting. Can last more than 3-5 years.

* More economical

* Easily learned

* Widely offered by many technicians

* Mostly done by pen machines and easier for technicians to implant colors


* Very dramatic looking and can look harsh

* Longer healing time

* Unskilled technicians can cause scarring

Ombre Brows


* Can last as long as Shaded Brows (2 to 4 years)

* Defined look but less dramatic than Shaded Brows

* Can be combined with Microblading to give longer lasting results


* Fades faster towards the inner brows

* Takes longer to heal

* Not as natural as "individual hair" type technique(i.e. Hairline Strokes or Microblading)

* Unskilled technicians can cause scarring

With the increase in popularity of microblading, many people have searched for technicians or schools for training. This fad has created a nightmare of botched brows for many people who are quick to jump on the band wagon. Schools and seminars are opening up everywhere promising to certify technicians in as little as a two day class. Yikes! Remember, microblading is still a form of tattoo!

Microblading is actually an old method that has been revived and caught on like wild fire thanks to celebrities, social media and fashion magazines! It uses a hand tool with a handle like an exacto knife and a grouping of 5 to 7 needles lined up in a straight line. Think of an exacto knife made out of needles into a formation of blades, hence, the term microblade. If you can use a pencil or an exacto knife, you can use this "microblade" This makes it very easy for many people to become microblading technicians and jump on the bandwagon and become a permanent cosmetic technician overnight! Be aware that it is still a tattoo and if the technician implants too much pigment, it can still be rather permanent. I have been doing permanent cosmetics since 1987 and it took me over a decade to perfect my skill of using a coil machine to create the natural brows which I termed "Hairline Strokes". Many people love this look but the technique is difficult to master. Microblading allows technicians to give a similar hairline look without the years of experience.

Therein lies the problem. If a new technician can learn this technique in two to three days, how do clients discern the good technicians from the bad without doing extensive research? I have fixed so many clients who have come in with botched permanent makeup because it turned out that they were merely guinea pigs for the technician to practice. That's why I wanted to provide a list of helpful tips so that those interested in having permanent cosmetics done can avoid the costly and oftentimes disfiguring mistakes.   A hair stylist may end up spending up to two years or take 1,500 hours of cosmetology school before applying for licensure, with some programs being able to be finished in roughly a year. After which, many more months of shadowing a seasoned stylist or apprenticeship before actually comfortably cutting hair. How is it possible for a permanent makeup technician to take a weekend course and jump right into applying permanent makeup on clients and charge them hundreds of dollars? Sadly, the industry is not well regulated and "microblading" somehow falls through the crack allowing unscrupulous people to take advantage of this new trend. These unscrupulous technicians also bring down the entire permanent cosmetics industry and give the impression that all permanent cosmetics are bad.

I actually have a very prominent hair stylist ask me if I would train his daughter to do microblading since it is taking her too long to get her license for cutting hair. At least hair grows back if a mistake is made. With permanent cosmetics, you have only one face that doesn't grow back.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ section.   See samples of our work in our Portfolio.


A consultation fee of $75 is due at the time of the consultation appointment. This fee is credited towards the cost of the consulted procedure.

A credit card is required to hold an appointment. Rescheduling an appointment requires a 24 hour notice (no exceptions). If less than a 24 hour notice is given, or if an appointment is a "no-show", a $100 fee will be charged. The $100 deposit will be applied toward any procedure of choice.

One follow-up visit must be scheduled within 4 weeks. If a touchup is required, it will be done for a minimal fee to cover costs of anesthetics and needles. If a follow-up appointment is missed, that visit will be forfeited and will result in a charge for additional follow-up visits. 

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